There are two blogs here. One blog is dedicated to the art of the logo. The other is a personal blog. 

The Art of the Logo

Updated November 24, 2011

     Logo design is an intense affair. The affair begins with the client. In order to produce the logo your customer sees in their head you must get to know them and their product.

    A customer may be selling tires, but that doesn't mean they want their name spelled out in tread marks. You need to ask a lot of questions and take every answer to heart. Each answer is a very important window into their wants and needs. Here are a few questions (there are mannny more) that should be addressed when sitting down with a client:

- Who is your customer base? Sex, Age, Economic Status, etc.

- How would like people to perceive your company?

- Which is more important? Price Point, Customer Service, Style, Educating Customers, Report, Sales, etc. (depending on the company, the key points will change)

- What feel are you looking for? Warm, Edgy, Modern, Sophisticated, Social, Fast, Homey, etc.

     As you ask more questions you will start to get a firmer understanding of what they are looking for. Each question has multiple levels. The more answers you get the easier it will be to determine the style of your design.